Discount and Return Policies

Effective November 1, 2011


The following policies are in effect for bookstores, resellers, and libraries:


1)                Discount Policy—applicable to all, including bookstores with return option:


Order Quantity         Discount Rate


1-2                                 0%

3-4                                10%

       5-6                                20%

      7-10                              30%

   11-199                             40%

         Over 200                             50%



2)               Discount Policy—applicable only to bookstores and booksellers:


          Order Quantity           Discount Rate


     No-return 1-10                        40%          

        No-return over 10                   50%

     Consignment                           30%  

     (Available only to outlets in                                                          

     Vancouver, BC)


3)               Shipping and Handling Charges:


     Free within Canada and the USA


International orders:


    Orders under  $50*          $4.95

     Orders  $50-$100*          $6.95

     Orders over $100*            Free


     * After discount


4)               Terms:


Net 60 days.  Please pay from invoice.  No statement issued.



5)               Return Policy:


·   Eros accepts books for return from bookstores and resellers within one year and libraries (60 days).

·   Books must arrive at Eros in excellent, resalable condition.  Otherwise do not send.

·   Shipping and handling is your responsibility.

·   Books damaged in transit are not the responsibility of the publisher.  Please make claim to the carrier.

·   For resellers, returns must be accompanied by a copy of Eros invoice or a document showing Eros’ invoice number and date.

·   Libraries receive full refund or credit within 60 days of the purchase even if the book is not in perfect condition (not damaged however).  Only the purchases from Eros or a library supplier (not retailers) qualify for the refund.  Please send the receipt or a proof of payment along with the book to Eros. 

The objective is to give the library staff enough time to review Eros books before making the payment, or to receive a full refund directly from Eros Books.  Eros is committed to providing service to the public at minimum cost to them and total satisfaction.