About…   Persian Moons

A Novel





The novel portrays…

passion and relationships at the end of the twentieth century and our struggle to cope with our basic companionship needs. The level of frustration for both married and single individuals is increasing due to our convoluted expectations and the impact of social uncertainties. 


The story begins as…

Darren Durant returns to Vancouver in 1988 after living in Tehran for three years and coping with the chaos of the Iran-Iraq war, including nightly missile attacks. He’s now determined to establish himself as a painter and find a dependable companion. He’d traveled to Iran after an agonizing separation from his beloved wife, Erica. Even the sacrifice to abandon his artistic passion and work in Erica’s flourishing software company as a computer technician hadn’t saved their marriage. 

      A particular canvas he’d painted in 1985 at the shores of the Caspian Sea keeps wreaking intricate emotional situations for him and others, especially a married Persian woman who follows him to Vancouver. Bizarre encounters obscure Darren’s attempts to heal the scars of the war and his past failures in marriage and his artistic career.

      Despite his intriguing romances, Darren grapples with the dilemma of committing to someone without getting emotionally hurt again, versus the prospect of ending up lonely and lunatic like his father.  His lovers’ competitions to monopolize him, along with plots by friends and foes with baffling motives, further complicate his efforts to settle down.