About us



Eros was established in 2007 with a specific and limited mandate.  Eros is interested only in books that address social issues, especially family relationships.  Both fiction and non-fiction published by Eros are expected to explore the chaotic situation of relationships.  The meaning of love and the purpose of relationships are largely misunderstood in recent decades due to people’s increasing expectations from life.  In particular, these unrealistic dreams do not coincide with the flashy lifestyles propagated in modern societies.  Obviously, family relationships affect the socioeconomic health of the world more than any other factor.  So, practical solutions and thoughts must help us re-define family values and offer relationship models suitable for our modern mentality. These new guidelines can help couples relate effectively while expressing their identity and individualism more freely.  Personal development and self-awareness are important means for addressing relationship issues.  But social mechanisms, including our legal systems, must be also revamped to fit the new needs of family relationships.


At this point, Eros Books intends to publish 2-3 books annually.  More details are available in Submission Guidelines.

Unfortunately, the submissions so far have not met the mandate of Eros Books.


Also, Eros intends to help authors interested in publishing their manuscripts personally.  A few options are available for this service depending on the topic of the book and authors’ specific needs.  More details about this service is presented in Self-Publishers.