About…   The Nature of Love and Relationships

                      Generally Acceptable Relationship Guidelines for the New Era






Over the last few decades, we have developed wrong perceptions about the nature of love and the purpose of relationships. With drastic changes in social values and lifestyles, our expectations from relationships have skyrocketed in line with our escalating personal aspirations. But all these idealistic needs have only led to more distress for everybody.

The rising divorce rate and endless family conflicts reflect the hectic environment of relationships. These facts also reveal that our present methods of dealing with relationship hurdles have failed. While focusing on the symptoms of relationship failures, we have ignored the roots of the problems as a social pandemic. So, it is time now to analyse the real sources of problems and face up to the high complexity of relationships in new societies. It appears that we need radical solutions compatible with our new social values and expanding personal needs. 

A main goal of this book is to help couples review their mentality about the capacity and purpose of relationships. Another objective is to suggest a framework that can assist couples assess their relationships more realistically. Too many relationships are ruined nowadays due to partners’ biased judgments and hasty decisions. The ultimate goal of this book is to bring objectivity back into relationships. At the very least, it is time to appreciate the need for viewing relationships in a new light consistent with the characteristics of new lifestyles. Instead of searching all our lives for a soul mate and an ideal relationship, we must find a way to relate more effectively, while strengthening our identity and individualism too.