About…   Doubts and Decisions for Living

Volume III: The Structure of Human Life



Table of Contents





PART I: Learning and Education

Chapter One: The Role of Education

Education – A Basic, Structured Learning

The Dilemma of Education

The Shortfalls of Education

Education and Career

Education and Inefficiencies

The Value of Education

A Guideline for the Type and Level of Education

Chapter Two: Fundamental Learning – Beyond Education

The Objectives of Learning

The Impact (and Value) of Learning

Learning Processes

Learning Sources

·      Learning through Natural Growth

·      Learning from Other Individuals

·      Learning from Other Sources

·      Learning from Personal Experiences

·      Learning from Universal Experiences

·      Learning through Objective (Focused) Thinking

Chapter Three: Conscious Learning

Learning to Enhance the Quality of Our Lives

Learning about Our Potentialities, Needs, and

Personality Aspects

Learning about the Essentialities of Life

Learning about (and from) Our Sufferings

How to Learn (through Awareness)

Living or Making a Living


PART II: Work and Organization

Chapter Four: Objectives of Working

Working for Our ‘Life Objectives’

The Nature and Value of Work

Work Content and Conditions

Work and Individuality

The Inherent Purpose of Work

Chapter Five: Organization Environment

Personal versus Organization Objectives

Personality Clashes and Moods

Chapter Six: Organization Perils

The Organization Dependence

The Reality of Organization

Ego-P at Work in Organization

The Organization Lessons We Never Learn

Chapter Seven: Organization Relationships

The Options for Organization Relationships

Coping in Organizations

The Options of Getting Absorbed

Inevitability of an Organization Revolution


PART III: Companionship and Marriage

Chapter Eight: Love and Loneliness Dilemmas

Motives behind Relationships

Irrelevant Factors and Purposes of Marriage

Relevant Purposes of Marriage

Evaluating the Purposes and Agonies of Marriage

Developing a Partnership Agreement

Knowing Our Partner

Chapter Nine: Measures of Partners’ Compatibility

Personality Compatibility

Compatibility to Increase Life Enjoyments

Compatibility for Support and Cooperation

Compatibility for Establishing a Sensible Commitment

Is Compatibility Only a Wishful Thinking?

Chapter Ten: Major Sources of Marriage Problems

Communication Hurdles

Expecting Our Partner to Change

Why Do We Expect Change?

Why Cannot We Change?

The Effects of Demanding Change

Blaming and Nagging

The Evil of Domination

The Significance of Marriage Decision


PART IV: Alienation and Separation

Chapter Eleven: A Time for Thinking Marriage

The Road to Separation

The Road with No Return

Revising Our Focus

Alienation as a Reflection of Global Mentality

Alienation Characteristics

Alienation Seeds and Growth

Innocent Causes of Alienation

Fighting Alienation

Chapter Twelve: Alienation Preparedness

 1. Awareness and Acknowledgement of Problems

 2. Dealing with Our Psychological Defects

 3. Measuring and Improving Our Tolerance

 4. Recognizing Our Opportunities and Fears

 5. Understanding, Planning, and Playing Our Roles

 6. Making an Objective Judgment and Decision

The Ultimate Options



List of Tables and Diagrams


Diagram 4.1: Different Types of Work Situations

Table 9.1: Checklist of Compatibility Factors

Table 12.1: Personal Defects Causing Alienation