About…   Doubts and Decisions for Living

Volume II: The Sanctity of Human Spirit



Table of Contents





PART I:  Psychology and Spirituality

Chapter One: Building Our Spirit

The Scope of Human Needs

Recognizing Our Unconscious Needs

The Spiritual Sensations of Self-actualizers

The Unity of Psychology and Spirituality

The Main Dilemmas in Our Subconscious

Preparing Our Minds and Attitudes

Chapter Two: Knowing (about) ourselves



Individualism (Integrity, Compassion)




Social Responsibilities

The Integral ‘Self’


PART II:  Science and Divinity

Chapter Three: The Spirit in Human Spirituality

The Role of Religion

The Role of Science

The Role of Personal Life Philosophy

The Role of Spirituality

Shortfalls of the Present Spirituality Approach

Chapter Four: Spirituality as a Pillar of Human Thoughts

The Ultimate Truth

The Truth about the Universe

The Truth about Humanity

The Truth about Our Personal Lives


PART III:  Potentialities and Limitations

Chapter Five: The Spirit in Human Potentialities

The Makeup of Our Potentialities

The Functions of Our Potentialities

  Chapter Six: Genetic (Career) Potentialities

The Reality of Job Markets

The Implications of Unfulfilling Professions

Chapter Seven: Divine Potentialities

‘Self’ Dilemmas

Who Cares ‘Who We Are?’

What Are We Here for, Really?  

Chapter Eight: Insight and Foresight

Potentialities and Opportunities

Potentialities and Interests

Potentialities and Confidence

Potentialities and Fairness

Potentialities and Perseverance

The Integrated Treasures of Potentialities

Chapter Nine: Life Limitations

The Ultimate Limitation

Timing Limitations

Natural Limitations (Physical and Mental)

Self-imposed Limitations

Social and Economic Limitations


Final Judgment


PART IV:  Struggles and Victories

Chapter Ten: Quest for the Truth

Our Main Struggles

The Awareness Intersection

Human Logic’s Reliability

Chapter Eleven: Beliefs and Convictions

Abstract Experiences

Real Experiences


PART V: Doubts and Decisions

Chapter Twelve: Decisions plus Destiny

Decision-making Factors

Decision-making Option

Major Life Decisions

Decision-making Conditions

Chapter Thirteen: The Conflicting Roles of Our Doubts

The Scope and Effects of Our Doubts

Our Doubts about Human Nature

Managing Our Doubts and Decisions

The Benefit of a Doubt


PART VI: Common Sense and Self-awareness

Chapter Fourteen: Common Sense Pertinence

Types of Doubts

Types of Decisions

Chapter Fifteen: Positives Doubts

1.    Supernatural Doubts

2.    Spiritual Doubts

3.    Socio-economic Doubts

4.    Personal Doubts

5.    Interpersonal Doubts

Chapter Sixteen: Negative Doubts

The End of Doubts…

…The Beginning of Decisions



List of Tables and Diagrams


Table 3.1: The Main Characteristics of Spirituality

Diagram 13.1: Level, Nature, and Type of Doubts

Diagram 13.2: The Domain of Intelligence and Thoughts