About…   Doubts and Decisions for Living

Volume I: The Foundation of Human Thoughts



Table of Contents





PART I: Thoughts and Feelings

Chapter One: Humans’ Fundamental Thoughts

Reasons for Living

Means of a Happy Life

Making Our Lives Complete

Enjoying Life at its Fullest

Exploring the Inner ‘Self’

Defining the Essence of Humanness

Effecting Change and Improving Social Order

Choosing a Path of Wisdom

Gaining Our Freedom

Living Practically but not Submissively

Nurturing Our Positive Doubts

Fighting but not Fearing Depression

Making Major Life Decisions

Finding a Reliable Companion

Optimizing Our Physical and Mental Health

Chapter Two: Perceived and Real Worlds

Characteristic of the ‘Real World’

Characteristic of the ‘Perceived World’

Perceptions about Our Identity

Perceptions about Dependence and Independence

Perceptions about Love

Perceptions about Religions

Perceived versus Real Worlds

A Picture of the Real Reality World


PART II: Facts and Myths

Chapter Three: The Essence of Facts

The Complexity Level of Our Perceptions

The Meaning and Implication of Perceptions

Facts, Myths, and Challenges

Establishing a Framework

Chapter Four: Main Mental Reconciliations

Physical Self, Spiritual ‘Self’, Humanness

Life, Freedom, Valuing our Doubts

Nature, Love, Relationships

Physical Growth, Truth, Psychological Growth

Social Living, Happiness, Coping and Adaptation

Economic Constraints, Chance, Contentment

Personal Limitations, Enlightenment, Decisions

Personal Needs, Purity, Needs Gratification

Perceived Reality, Real Reality, Health

Death, Creation/Creator, Spirituality


PART III: ‘Self’ and Happiness

Chapter Five:  Power and Personality

Personality Aspects

Addendum: A Comparison of the Id, Ego, and       

          Superego with Self, Ego, and Model.

Chapter Six: Description of Happiness

Characteristics of a ‘Happiness’ Experience

The Happiness of ‘Model’

The Happiness of ‘Ego’

The Happiness of ‘Self’

Personality Aspects’ Role for Happiness

Chapter Seven: Depression Effect

The Depression of ‘Model’

The Depression of ‘Ego’

The Depression of ‘Self’

The Happiness/Depression Cycles

The Formula of Happiness


PART IV: Philosophy and Reality

Chapter Eight: Social Conscience and Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

Basic Plans and Ideologies

Our Habits and Life Routines

The Ideal Personality

The ‘Self’ Aspect of the Ideal Personality

‘Model’ and ‘Ego’ Aspects of the Ideal Personality

Chapter Nine: Thoughts and Wisdom

The Fundamental Questions

The Main Philosophical Questions

The Foundation of Human Thoughts

Managing Our Thoughts

The Significance of No-thought Experiences

Chapter Ten: Thoughts and Sufferings

The Structure of Human Life

The Essential Decisions and Actions

The Substance of Our Decisions and Actions

The ‘Self’ and ‘Life’ Impasse

Chapter Eleven: Actions and Adjustments

The Significance of Our Decisions and Actions

Measuring the Consequences of Our Actions

Dealing with Major Decisions and Actions

Awareness and Actions

Changes and Adjustments

Chapter Twelve: The Forward Thinking Domain

Phase Three Reference

Phase Two Reference

Phase One reference



List of Tables and Diagrams


Table 1.1: Humans’ Fundamental Thoughts

Diagram 2.1: The Path of Awakening—Eros Dimension

Table 3.1: Suggested List of Facts, Myths, and Challenges